Sunday, 30 December 2012

Foam Men

I live across this really cute looking corporate guy. The first time we saw each other was when he
was covered in shaving foam all over his face. Standing in his balcony, still applying the foam. He
lived on the top floor of his building just like I do. And above him was the gigantic poster of a guy
having a shave while managing to smile showing his set of perfect teeth and biceps and forearms
and a dimple!

Uncontrollable laughter blurt out of me! And i could see him stop what he was doing just look in the
direction of my balcony and even though i could hardly see his face i know his expression might have
been like the ones that make you scratch you head. He frantically started looking around to see what
was so funny and i pointed to the poster above him.

He saw it and I could see only his teeth! He shrugged and waved me an adios.

Next morning i waited for him to turn up with his brush and foam but no luck. I continued to look
for him at least once when i woke up.Till ran into him a couple of days later down at the market and
refused to acknowledge him! And this happened more than once in a span of a week. But i couldn’t
help it. He had let his stubble grow.

Finally cornered in the local kirana shop, He mustered up the courage (which was pretty obvious as i
realised his face could only hide an emotion if it had foam on it.) and said “Remember Me”.


“Arre, Shaving cream wala” he said.

“Toh phir shave kyun nahi kiya, Itne din? ” I left soon as I said it.

“Bhaiya ek Gillette bhi dena” i heard him yell to fight of the ladies getting their daily stock.

I turned back one last time since i heard what he had asked for and gave him a smile, To be honest I
did not intend to smile but it just happened.

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